We connect people in a meaningful way by taking online dating, offline. AMPR is for those who are tired of mindless swiping and superficial conversations. Our unique date generator plans dates for users based on mutual interests, first date preferences, and individual schedules so they can focus on developing meaningful relationships. We want users to use our product as a tool, not a crutch; that is why we welcome all users, whether they’re looking to meet someone new or discover local spots. Swipe less, date more.


Through our research, we have found that the current online dating culture puts a heavy emphasis on quick interaction to many people and not about the quality of interactions. Users go through a cycle of downloading a dating app(s), making quick, superficial conversations with other users, rarely actually going on dates, feeling discouraged, deleting the app, unhappy with not meeting people, downloading a dating app(s), and repeat.


AMPR is a Capstone Project built by Jessica Libman, Joycie Yu, Sarah Feldmann, & Zhanna Voloshina from the University of Washington Information School Informatics Undergraduate Program 2018.

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